Structural Design

Ensuring the Safety and Functionality of Structures

Structures built within the transportation system need to be designed, constructed, and maintained to ensure safety, strength, and longevity. Bridges and retaining walls must meet our clients’ needs for function and upkeep. They are not only the most cost intensive elements of a transportation system, they are often the most visible, and therefore must not only be functional, but aesthetically pleasing.

Examining viable alternatives for a cost effective structure that meet the client’s expectations in regard to functionality and aesthetics is essential to good design. Civiltech’s structural staff has the knowledge to blend the elements of good design with the agency’s requirements and the experience to navigate the agency’s review and approval process in a timely manner.

Deerpath Road over Mill Creek

City of Batavia

This Federal-aid project consisted of widening the width of the bridge to meet current geometric standards and improve pedestrian accommodations by providing a sidewalk on one side of the bridge and a shared-use path on the other. The structural work consisted of replacing the superstructure and increasing the load-carrying capacity.

Unsurpassed Structural Design Services

Civiltech’s Structural Design Services department specializes in providing analysis and design services for structures related to the transportation network, including highway bridges, railroad bridges, pedestrian bridges and underpasses, and retaining walls. Additionally, we are certified by IDOT to perform the required safety inspections of highway bridges and act as the Program Manager for local agencies’ bridge inventory. Our structural engineers also provide support to the design teams with other site elements that may require structural analysis such as large drainage structures, braced excavations, and vaulted sidewalks.

  • Bridge Inspections
  • Load Ratings
  • Highway Bridges
  • Railroad Bridges
  • Pedestrian and Bicycle Bridges
  • Underpasses
  • Retaining Walls
  • Bridge Inventory Program Management
  • Drainage Structures
  • Braced Excavations
  • Vaulted Sidewalks

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